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Frequently Asked Questions

My retirement is years away, so why should I consider buying land now?

Over 80 million ” Baby Boomers” are getting older and thinking about retirement. Five million “boomers” turn 50 every year. As the bulk of them retire, it is predicted that they will drive real estate prices higher due to overwhelming demand. Many younger people are investing in land instead of the stock market. Quality land, in desirable areas near water, is appreciating at rates of 20-30% per year in the West. As Will Rogers once said, ” Find out where people are going….get there first….and buy land”.

Why are people buying land in Klamath County, Oregon?

MONEY MAGAZINE recently rated central Oregon as the # 1 place in the West to retire. The moderate four-season climate is ideal. There is year-round recreation for the entire family and we have over 100 lakes, rivers and streams to enjoy. Spectacular Crater Lake National Park is located in Klamath County. The town of Klamath Falls (area population 50,000) is a great place to live. Klamath Falls offers excellent medical facilities, a major airport and great shopping. Many smaller high tech companies are being attracted to the area. The Oregon Institute of Technology is located in Klamath Falls. The area offers fine dining, live theater, five golf courses and unlimited outdoor recreational activities. Many people are attracted to the area for its clean air, clean water, low crime and low cost of living.

What is the climate like in the Klamath Falls area?

Klamath County is located at 4000′ elevation. Annual rainfall is 14 inches. The average annual snowfall is 40 inches ( 2 to 4 inches at a time ). We have over 290 days of sunshine per year. Warm summers and mild winters. Many people prefer Klamath County because of the sunshine, less rain, the summers are not too hot and the winters are very pleasant without too much snow.

If I purchase, do I have to build right away?

No. There is no time limit restriction for building. Some of our clients have purchased two or three properties …one to build on and the others for future appreciation.

What are building costs in the area?

If you want to build a nice quality home, plan on spending $125 per foot. You can spend a lot more if you want granite counter tops, high-end fixtures, etc. Our clients are building very nice homes in the $130-$150 per square foot range.The contractors we recommend are the best in the area. Most have their building schedules booked a year or two in advance.

Why should I buy land from Eli Property Company?

We have an up-front, straightforward way of doing business. We are happy to provide references for our prospective clients. Over 35% of our business is referral. For over 30 years we have been helping people to find the right property for their individual needs and budget. We use Amerititle ( Oregon’s largest title company ) to process all sales. Amerititle issues policy of title insurance and a warranty deed on every property we sell . If financed, Amerititle handles all collection of monthly payments. Click here to read our “Advice from the Experts” Page.

Eli Property Company’s financing is the best in the industry. We have 15 year financing with interest rates as low as 5% available. There is no qualifying and no loan fees (points) required. We assist our clients in finding the right builders. We build a long-term relationship with our clients. Click here to read testimonials from our clients.

What kind of property do you sell?

We sell property that is zoned residential and located near a lake or river. We have property in two of the best, most desirable locations in Klamath County. All of our properties are deeded and guaranteed buildable. We deal with only the best, so you can be assured of having a quality investment property as well as a great location for your retirement or second home.