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About Us

About Eli Property Company


Eli Property Company is owned by Kerry Penn. We have over 40 years experience developing and marketing property in Klamath County, Oregon. Read our client testimonial page.

All our sales go through escrow with  Amerititle in Klamath Falls. Our buyers receive a recorded deed and a policy of title insurance at the close of escrow. We do not use land contracts  for selling our land. Read our advice from the experts page and you’ll see why. All payments are made to Amerititle company for collection. This service provides you accurate processing of your payment, statements itemizing each payment, and builds a “paper trail” on everything relating to your account. Escrow companies act as a neutral third party between the buyer and seller.

Compare our land prices and financing with anyone selling land. Our 5% financing,with no qualifying, credit checks, or loan fees, is the best in the industry.


For more information, feel free to contact Kerry at or call 541-312-2959.